Arshad Sharif Journalist Fled Pakistan and Never Came Back

Reader discretion! Arsched Sharif on doubts of mistaken identity was killed with nine bullets by the Kenyan Police as his car breached a security checkpoint. Some say he was neutralized with a sniper by ISI. Whereas, he was compelled to leave UAE on state request and the only visa-free ticket he could avail was of Kenya. It is to be noted that the UK had not granted him his visa after UAE could not sustain him for long enough on Journalistic Visa.

The one who was impelling the uprising in the military and addressed “Haqeeqi Azadi” RAN AWAY! And later on, was killed in Kenya today in what appears to be a mistaken identity murder by Kenyan Police as Arshad was sitting in a drug warlord car (yet to be confirmed; developing story) which did not stop. He tweeted about the sputnik vaccines maybe the Russian mafia get him down.

Update on journalist Arshad Sharif killing

According to Kenya’s General Service Unit (GSU), while pursuing an unlawful vehicle carrying a drug dealer, Pakistani anchor Arshad Sharif was killed in an incident involving gunfire from Kenyan police. When the police started shooting at the drug smuggler suspect during the pursuit, Mr. Arshad Sharif was travelling in the same unlawful car.

As a cover up lot of people are saying in WhatsApp groups he was with the cartel as secret undercover for his pilot for Netflix. Some mockingly saying he was there for getting Khan drugs such as Cocaine and you can disagree with me for exploring this insensitive opinion. But I did come across such loose remarks.

The General Service Unit of Kenya has refuted the claim that sniper fire killed journalist Arshad Sharif. Kenya’s General Service Unit has verified that the Nairobi police have begun an inquiry and will issue a report within 24 hours.

In what the police described as a case of mistaken identity, a senior Pakistani journalist was shot to death Sunday night along the Nairobi-Magadi highway. Police fatally shot Arshad Sharif after he and his driver allegedly broke through a roadblock erected to check on vehicles traveling the route.

According to the police, they were stopped at a roadblock manned by a group of police officers as they were traveling from Magadi town to Nairobi.
According to police headquarters, the case will be handled by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority.

A senior police officer said that the shooting was true.

We had an incident of shooting which turned out to be a case of mistaken identity involving a journalist. We will release more information laterthe officer said

Police say that at the roadblock, a call was made for them to stop a car that looked like the one they were driving after a carjacking in the Pangani area of Nairobi, where a child was taken hostage. When Sharif’s car arrived at the roadblock a few minutes later, they were stopped and asked to identify themselves. They allegedly drove past the roadblock without stopping.

Sharif was killed during a brief chase and shooting as a result of this. Their vehicle rolled, injuring his driver, who was taken to the hospital. He later told the police that he and his colleague, who had been killed, were developers who were on their way to a site in Magadi.

Here is the full statement:

The incident quickly spread throughout Pakistan, where the prominent journalist was based. Javeria Siddiqui, Sharif’s wife, confirmed the tragic news via Twitter, acknowledging that her husband had been killed in Kenya.

I lost friend, husband and my favourite journalist [Arshad Sharif] today, as per police he was shot in Kenya Arsched’s Wife Jaweria

She also urged members of the media and the general public not to post on social media pictures of their families, personal information, or Sharif’s final hospital photos.

Twitter Display of Arshad Sharif Wife Picture

In every case, the investigation starts from those who are the beneficiaries. Javeria Siddique, his wife, should be investigated too because of the convoluted nature of the case. Before marrying her, he was a state loyalist to the extent of bootlicking much like Azam Swati, Jameel Farooqui, or his very own implanted Shahbaz Gill.

Shahbaz Gill behind the bars. Will he apologize for his “Baghawat” articulation? ARY requested pardoning.

Now that Shahbaz Gill is out, he was inside the jail for sedition in an act to instigate treason among the professional Army ranks giving direct orders to neutrals to break discipline. While his software was being upgraded, remember that Gill was not an American citizen. He has permanent resident status. If there were legal proceedings against him by law enforcement anywhere in the world it can automatically trigger a review of his immigration status.

Stunning News! Bhagora Fugitive Arshad Sharif RAN away from Islamabad Police and went to Dubai from Faizyaab “Peshawar” Airport! Arshad Sharif flew on the morning of 10th August from Peshawar to Dubai. Arshad Sharif must have been given a safe exit by the same people who are alleged of his killings in Kenya today.

According to Nairobi Press, police in Kajiado fatally shot a Pakistani journalist at a checkpoint. It was a case of “mistaken identity,” according to the authorities.

In conclusion, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority will handle the case, according to police headquarters. The journalist was well-known in Pakistan, where word of the incident quickly spread. Arshad Sharif Salary came in the ambit of 3.2 million PKR a month which is just short to Mansoor Ali Khan and Kashif Abassi of around 4.0 million a month.

Yes Baloch Killings are mostly uniquely identified anti-state agents and neutralising them or Arshad or Nawaz Sharif with regime change by implanting Khan is a state duty. Everyone including Asma Jehangir, Hamid Gul, Sialvi in future and Khadim Rizwi is a state duty.

The rundown of ARY violations was extremely lengthy. Tragically ARY channel terribly and explicitly abused all ethics, professionalism, and law of the land. We still do not value this sort of action. If they carried out any wrongdoing or disregard the law they ought to bargain with them according to the rule that everyone must follow per the endorsed strategy.

In conformation, ARY did not announce Sharif’s death as a murder but instead as an accident until people on social media started questioning Salman Iqbal for being disloyal to their ex-employee whom he expelled after the above breach of PEMRA regulations during Arshad Sharif’s program Power Play.

No official news from Kenya. Earlier people said it was a car accident or it was an operation against some drug dealer and he was with him sad news may he rest in peace.

After quitting the channel, Sharif moved to Dubai and the Bol News Anchorperson was associated with ARY News. Condolences began to pour in from all over the country as soon as the news of Sharif’s death was announced. Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI and former Prime Minister, offered his condolences regarding the journalist Arshad Sharif’s passing. Hina Pervaiz Butt, leader of the PML-N, expressed her sincere condolences regarding the journalist’s passing, and Ali Zaidi, leader of the PTI, also expressed his sorrow regarding Shariff’s passing.

Dr. Arif Alvi, President, referred to Sharif’s death as a loss for Pakistani journalism.
Alvi stated, “May his soul rest in peace” and “may his family, including his followers, have the strength to bear this loss.” Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, expressed his deep sadness. He offered support and prayers to the journalist’s loved ones. He spoke to the Kenyan highest official for the earliest sending of the dead body and agile investigations. Today a resolution is also made in the National Assembly in this regard.

Who’s more patriot than those who talk about the rights of citizens, constitutionalism, democracy, freedom of speech? Do you define “State Loyalty” as “Boot Polishing”. If yes, he was no more a bootlicker.

Appears as though he didn’t have the guts to confront the law, yet he used to scrutinize legislators who went through years in prison. As per the Audit information shared by the senior Journalist Arshad Sharif, it has been uncovered that around Rs 1.13 Billion is spent on the creation of melodies, films, and dramatizations by the ISPR. ARY’s Journalist likewise requested a test against this spending by the ISPR on the public cash. This may not be his crime but his remembering these facts only after his channel’s reputation was put at stake is mischievous.

The below image was his CCTV picture at the air terminal. I guess I continue to trust the FIA that comes under Fed Government will, in the end, increase their expectations and SOPs. Spilling air terminal photographs in the USA will not occur; delivering photographs occur in the event that the individual was formally pronounced needed, or a criminal, and so on. Or had he been? What a defeatist mindset.

His current boss who allegedly whites money for the big guns with his agency like AXACT, condoned the event. Meaning the big guns had no hand in this supposed killing. Protect Yourself Against Unseen Ambush

Since Gen. Faiz has been transferred to Bahawalpur after his alleged failure to conclude TTP talks in a positive. These events are related since mother of Arshad said her son had been receiving threats from some Afghan group. TTP’s reappearance in Swat is proof of rebellion and 10 years of woeful administration of PTI, and its delicate corner for the psychological militant association, that has butchered many Pakistanis, and security authorities. A request should be arranged, on how did PTI allow TTP to rejoin KPK? PTI was not, therefore, invited for a briefing by military leadership on their talks with the TTP.

The deceseased Sharif’s deady body was parcelled into Pakistan using a private jet early morning of 26th October via Doha, Qatar. A team comprising of highest level of integrity will move to Kenya immediately to investigate the case.

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