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harvard business review cloud computing
harvard business review cloud computing


How to make Data Driven Decisions for Growth in a Post Covid World?

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The good books says one who is double minded is unstable in all they do. Decision making is a learned art. With so much information in this digital age one can be stuck at formulation and never move to execution. Critical thinking is developed over time from your experiences and applied solutions to solve problems.

Organizations enable people to express their leadership by investing in performance planning, succession planning and specific skills based training so that they can exercise decisiveness with the confidence that they know what they need to know to get the best result. Being prepared enables leaders to be ready to act in most situations. Certainly it makes the decision-making process easier!

A good thoughtful leader is careful jumping to conclusions. In fact, it serves the opposite, to dispense with a decision with less thought than the technical aspects of bringing a plate of pasta to the boil, is shortsighted. In such a decisive scenario, your growth hacking system must be a systematic approach that can be

  • adopted,
  • optimized
  • and repeated to boost the growth rate of your business by every team member.

In this article, I will help you use my data hook strategy to increase your conversions and make data-driven decisions. Content is not the king anymore – get rid of the “Publish-n-Pray”; your growth hacking strategies must be aligned with your Business Message and Objectives, persuading people who don’t know you and don’t care about your business and can be plugged into one phase of the growth hacking framework as data driven decisions can result in the following quizlet:


  1. Innovation in your Business Analytics Products 2020
  2. Building Consensus Around Your Ideas
  3. Better Social Networking during Corona Times
  4. Setting Up Home Workspace During Corona

Providing a thumbnail sketch or in its correct psychological terminology: a cognitive heuristic (a stereotypical way of responding most of the time) does not promote thoughtful leadership.

If you start, you’ve already made a big step towards finishing. Stick with what works and do more of what makes you happy and productive. Monitor what you do on a daily basis for about 1 week.

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