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How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Designing Team and Team Identity? ?

Less than a minute

Need to understand how interaction, animation, and visual elements combine to shape an experience for your users? Leveraging the prototyping process you can build a realistic version of your idea, validate your design direction, and share your vision with stakeholders.

Here I am sharing with you Google’s approach to Rapid Prototyping

Sketch & Paper

Some PROductivity-TIPS:

  • Some people have experienced significant increases in productivity when writing, working out, or meditating early in the morning. Doodle if you may.
  • Identify your peak cycles of productivity, and schedule your most important tasks for those times. Work on minor tasks during your non-peak times.
  • When your tasks are separated into important and urgent, you are more likely to give attention to them and get them done as soon as possible.
  • Focus on one task at a time. This leads to greater productivity and less stress.
  • Seriously, cut out all the unnecessary meetings.

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