Jay Shah and BCCI’s Fragile Ego

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) consistently demands excessive and peculiar customizations in their favor. Their tactics include manipulating pitch conditions by watering half of it to gain an unfair advantage. They often decline to play matches in Pakistan, citing various reasons, such as unfavorable conditions in Dambulla or Sharjah being considered bowling-friendly.

The rain-induced cancellation of India vs Pakistan match can be attributed to the BCCI and their shamelessly egoistic and nepotistic figure, Jay Shah, who is blending sports with politics to further the BJP’s agenda. It’s not surprising when the son of Shah is leading the BCCI. This BJP-led regime is unfortunately tarnishing India/Bharat’s reputation in various domains, which is a cause for concern.

Individuals like Jay Shah and their counterparts are undermining the essence of the game. The BCCI and its associates are responsible for the harm being inflicted on cricket. Their actions promote hatred and create unnecessary discord. The responsibility for not coming to Pakistan and disrupting such a significant event by relocating to Sri Lanka due to weather conditions falls squarely on Jay Shah’s shoulders. Even figures like Gautam Gambhir contribute to this negativity. It may be in the best interest of the sport to consider banning such individuals from cricket permanently.

Bangalore based veteran Cricket analyst Sharda Ugra said

BCCI Secretary and ACC President post held by same person is a conflict of interest. The Indian Cricket is hurting Pakistan just because it can. Back in 90s, Asian nations were a bloc and presented a united front, but things have changed now. This is a classic bullying tactic.


The BCCI appears to be prioritizing financial gain over the betterment of cricket. Their lack of enthusiasm for promoting the sport and ensuring equality among nations is evident. Their recurring displays of dishonesty are undermining the integrity of this beautiful game. Himanshu Pareek recently wrote a peace on how BCCI is “BJP’s Control of Cricket in India”. I don’t think she can do anymore.

Disaster for Indian cricket

Additionally, there have been instances of them pressuring umpires to reverse decisions in their favor. It seems they may soon request customized pitches—one favorable for their batting and another for their bowlers—within the same match. Despite their abundant resources, this attitude of entitlement prevents them from achieving success, setting an unfortunate benchmark for shamelessness. As a result of their arrogance and unfair conduct, fans are left disillusioned, which is not only embarrassing but also deeply disappointing.

The Asian cricket council and ICC have made some weird decision in favour of India but maybe we should keep quiet and not upset them as they’ve a habit of mixing this beautiful sports with dirty politics.

Waseem Akram on Star Sports

I personally heard Wasim Akram say this, and it’s admirable how candid he was, giving precedence to the country’s interests over any concerns about the IPL team’s coaching position.

This unfortunate situation unfolds when an arrogant cricket board like the BCCI unjustly strips hosting rights from the rightful board, PCB. The hybrid model entailed extensive travel for the host nation, which seems impractical. The rain ruining matches could have been avoided if they had been played in Lahore or Karachi, making the current circumstances appear rather absurd.

Rain saved India!

It’s worth reiterating that our ongoing issues with rain are persisting due to the stubbornness of a certain board that refused to cooperate. Even Dambulla could have been a viable option, but the influence of the BJP lobby is tarnishing Indian cricket. Jay Shah was well aware that there would be rain in Sri Lanka, allowing them to potentially escape defeat, while Pakistan would not benefit financially. The rain wouldn’t have been a concern at all if your team hadn’t acted entitled and had simply come to Pakistan, the host country. Such actions raise concerns about their sportsmanship.

I think India wanted the venue to be moved to Sri Lanka so they had the possibility of rain saving them against Pakistan

Steve Waugh

IPL batters can’t play PSL bowlers

Furthermore, their players shamelessly insist on a three-match series for every knockout or final match, even after losing a single game. They seem to believe they can manipulate circumstances to favor their average team, causing inconvenience to everyone else involved.

Indeed, there are Indian fans who acknowledge that playing in Pakistan would be a positive step, fostering improved relations between the two nations. However, individuals influenced by the BJP are often pushing their own agenda through propaganda.

It’s a straightforward belief: if Pakistan had successfully hosted the Asia Cup, they would likely have gained momentum and subsequently sought to host more Asia Cups and other tournaments. The decision to change the venue appears to be driven by India’s reluctance to see Pakistan thrive in this aspect.

The PCB has proposed relocating the remaining matches of the Asia Cup to Pakistan through the Asian Cricket Council. However, due to the BCCI’s tendency to politicize cricket, it’s unlikely they will allow this. Yet, if Nepal were to defeat India today, it would result in India’s elimination from the Asia Cup, potentially removing the obstacles to moving the matches to Pakistan.

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