Resurgence of PML-N: Nawaz Sharif’s Triumphant Return Marks a Shift in Pakistani Politics

Imran is languishing in jail. Bajwa and Faiz are keeping a low profile. Former justices who were once in office at a lower rank have been dismissed. Meanwhile, Nawaz Sharif has made a comeback. Pakistani politics at its finest – one moment down, the next moment up.

In a remarkable turn of events, Pakistan witnessed a resurgence of democratic fervor as PML-N, once marginalized, roared back into the political arena. The charismatic leader, Nawaz Sharif, received an overwhelming welcome from his supporters, despite a four-year absence. As speculations abound regarding the circumstances of his return and the possibility of repeating past missteps, it is evident that the people of Pakistan have signaled their allegiance to the leaders they choose over extraneous non-political influences.

Yesterday was a day of morale-boosting significance for Pakistan’s democracy. A political party and its leader, who had been effectively written off by influential circles, made a triumphant return to the political landscape of the country.

Despite a four-year absence, their supporters greeted them with fervor. This indicates that today, the chosen representatives of Pakistan’s people are the focal point of their hopes, rather than non-political entities that, time and again, overstep their jurisdiction to the detriment of democracy. Before he arrived at the commemoration point, the Former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif offered the Maghrib prayer at Shahi Killa. He came there via Helicopter that took off from Allama Iqbal International Airport earlier today where he had arrived in Fly Dubai special aircraft from Dubai via Islamabad.

The ceremony began with oath taking ceremony to support Gaza (Palestine) to the fullest. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, waved the Palestinian flag as he addressed a massive crowd at Lahore’s historic Minar-e-Pakistan. This event marked his return to Pakistan after four years of exile in the UK. He fervently called for the liberation of Palestine from Israel’s unlawful occupation.

Understanding the Jalsa from a Critic’s POV

Lahoriites were as unfamiliar with Lahore as can be. It felt more like a farewell from Lahore. Primarily for the reasons listed below.

Three Mistakes By PMLN Supremo:

  1. He should have remained within the party for an additional 7 to 8 months before departing.
  2. Not adhering to the stipulated 4-week period for his return has compromised his “Respect the Vote” stance.
  3. His tenure within the PDM lasted for 16 months.

Orange line and Metro train affectees were nonpresent. To be honest, all my political PMLN friends took it as a barometer for a revival and since bodies like MSF and YMT were in effect, it was more of an organizer jalsa from UC level to National Assembly constituent candidates. Also, in the aftermath, the mocking videos were from jaywalkers who traversed nearby in awe and desperation.

How PTI perceived the Massive Congregation

Friends! Acknowledging the successes and positive aspects of others never diminishes your stature. Even if you are a political opponent of the PML-N, there is no hesitation in recognizing that today, the PML-N put up a good show. Debates can revolve around the strategies and factors, but there is no denying that Nawaz Sharif’s return has been significant.

Remember, despite international economic constraints, Pakistan’s domestic growth only occurred during Imran Khan’s tenure. Nawaz Shareef

It is now evident that if Nawaz Sharif has arrived with any negotiations, the consequences of concluding this chapter for good will be witnessed in the days to come, rather than perpetuating this cycle indefinitely.

The term “past mistakes” refers to any errors or misjudgments made by a leader in their previous actions or decisions. It acknowledges that the public’s expectations at large and establishment’s expectations at far are primarily associated with the leaders they elect, rather than with external non-political influences that exceed their rightful sphere of influence.

A Defining Moment for PML-N

Yesterday’s events marked a pivotal moment for Pakistan’s democracy, heralding a significant victory for PML-N. In the aftermath of the 2018 elections, the party faced near-obliteration from the political discourse, succumbing to the influence of powerful quarters. The resurgence is a testament to the enduring appeal and resilience of PML-N.

If Imran Khan were addressing a crowd of this magnitude, he would have employed cunning tactics and dismantled his opponents. Yet, look at the grace and patience demonstrated by Nawaz Sharif. When you wished to remove the AC from Nawaz’s jail, and now he’s out while you’re rotting in jail with no AC (pun intended. وتُعِزُّ مَنْ تَشَاءُ وَتُذِلُّ مَنْ تَشَاءُ).

This is the standard we should expect from every political leader in Pakistan.

Mian Sahib is recounting his developmental work! For the first time, we are hearing a speech in which a person is not expressing animosity towards others, but instead, is discussing his own performance.

PTI supporters are puzzled as to why Nawaz’s speech didn’t include any references to Ertugrul, phrases like “I know the West, I know him, I know, mine, me, him, I, my, us, he.”

However, the reality remains that when one has nothing to showcase, they continue to expound animosity towards others in their speech.

The Unwavering Support for Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif’s return saw an outpouring of support from his dedicated followers. This fervent reception underscores the enduring connection between Sharif and his base, even after years of absence. The depth of this loyalty speaks volumes about the enduring impact of his leadership.

Tears of gratitude flow as the people heed her call, expressing their support for Mian Sb’s political struggle for civilian supremacy. Thousands are still stuck on the roads, and Minar-e-Pakistan is filled to capacity! PMLN voters have responded in an overwhelmingly massive manner! Let us calculate:

The area highlighted was the main commemoration area (193577.12 m²) and if we be just enough a person who occupies 0.09 (70 per centile; those who are enthusiasts) to 0.19 (crowd phobic) square meters, then

From the ‘Ketcheri’ to Data Sahib, and from Data Sahib to Liberty Chowk, only lions, true lions, were being seen, gathering to welcome their lionhearted leader. The motorway remained heavily congested. The traffic had slowed down significantly from Pindi Bhattian onwards. The vans are moving at a mere speed of 10 to 15 km/h. No matter, it was being suggested that from Sialkot Bypass till the venue, there were cars and busses. The distance from Lahore-Sialkot bypass to lari adda lahore is 13.9 km,so according to normal distribution, and it is majorly a two lane road, so if each car (The average length of a sedan car typically ranges from about 4.5 to 4.8 meters) had 4 passengers on average and each bus/wagon (They may range from about 12 to 15 meters) had 22 people on average and for every 5 cars there was one wagon/bus then there were around.

Total passengers from cars = Number of cars * 4 = 2994 cars * 4 passengers ≈ 11,976 passengers

Total passengers from buses = Number of buses * 22 = 599 buses * 22 passengers ≈ 13,178 passengers

Total passengers = Total passengers from cars + Total passengers from buses ≈ 25,154 passengers

Many witnessed hundreds of vehicles turning back without being able to attend the Jalsa because the Ring Road and GT Road at Shahdara were completely congested. This reception is beyond belief and marks a defining moment in PMLN Politics! Lines of caravans stretching up to 80 kilometers have formed to enter Lahore. The last vehicle was 80 kilometers away from Lahore. Lahore was filled to capacity, and space was running scarce. So the number definitely grossed 2 Lac account for sure.

Now for something interesting, only 25 % of these were organically mustered crowd.

Analyzing Nawaz Sharif’s Comeback: Deal or Destiny?

The circumstances surrounding Sharif’s return have sparked widespread speculation. Questions persist about the existence of a behind-the-scenes agreement and the likelihood of repeating past errors.

No form of coercion or oppression can hinder a true patriot from returning to his homeland for an extended period. I extend a heartfelt welcome to Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on his return to his homeland. Maulana Fazlur Rehman

A question for PTI supporters… If Mian Nawaz Sharif were to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan and, after a short while, the establishment, as always, dismisses his government, would you stand with Nawaz Sharif or with the establishment? (Let’s see what kind of sentiment Imran Khan has instilled). The answer to this critical question will play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative surrounding Sharif’s resurgence.

The establishment understood that the only way they could manipulate the 2018 elections was by arresting him. Yet, in the end, he emerged victorious. They exerted every effort to weaken him, diminish his influence, and render him inconsequential. Nevertheless, the most successful politician in Pakistan’s electoral history has returned.

The pigeon that approached Mian Sahib and perched on his hand is a testament to Mian Sahib’s tender heart. Animals have an innate ability to sense this quality in humans.

If you want to inquire about our narrative, ask the mountains of Chagai. Nawaz Sharif

We should celebrate the return of the ‘Lion’ to Pakistan. This event has brought us all together, and it instills hope for the future. The crux lies in his words! No retribution, but rather, let’s all join hands in working towards the improvement of Pakistan. I trust this movement will flourish! Yesterday’s events have not only breathed new life into PML-N but also rekindled hope for a robust and resilient Pakistani democracy. Nawaz Sharif’s return is poised to redefine the political landscape, prompting a thorough examination of his trajectory and decisions. As the nation watches, the future of Pakistan’s political discourse hangs in the balance.

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Stay tuned for further updates on this dynamic political development and engage in thoughtful discussions about the future of Pakistani politics.

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