[Pakistani Democracy] Dynastic and Lota Politics

Half a month back we heard Imran Khan and PTI companions saying how dynastic governmental issues have harmed Pakistan and how PTI won’t give passes to electables and “lotas” in the future.

Presently by-decisions are here and let’s view the “meriting philosophical” up-and-comers of PTI. But first, we need to address what actually qualifies as a political dynasty.

The legacy of a political dynasty can be comparable, but does any family in this country come close to the socio-economic powerhouse that is Sharif or Bhutto dynasty?

Does any dynasty stand any chance at ‘real prize’ in this democracy compared to that of Sharifs/Bhuttos? PMLN never said anything against dynastic politics. In fact, in democracy, the thesis is not on whether the candidate could be a legal heir of a person in power politics.

Imran Khan is famous for U-Turns

From PP-7 Kahuta, the applicant of PTI is Col Shabbir Awan. He became MPA on a PPP ticket in 2002 and was a contender for PPP in 2013. He’s upheld by Murtaza Satti likewise ex PPP MNA. He has quarreled with sitting MNA Sadaqat Abassi for ticket issues. Philosophical laborer?

From PP 83 Khushab, the applicant of PTI is Hasan Aslam Awan. He’s the sibling of PTI MNA Umar Aslam Awam. Umar Aslam Awam himself hosts exchanged different get-togethers like PML-Q and PML-N prior to joining PTI. Dynastic legislative issues? Philosophical laborer?

PP-90 Bhakkar has an entertaining story. The ticket has been given to Irfanullah Niazi who was in a real sense the Overall Secretary Bhakkar of PML-N half a month prior. He’s the sibling of ex-PML-N MPA Inamullah and Najeebullah Niazi. Dynastic legislative issues? Philosophical laborer?

PTI up-and-comer from PP-97, Ali Afzal Sahi comes from a popular political group of Chak Jhumra. His dad Afzal Sahi was Speaker. His uncle and cousin were MNAs. The entire family was essential for PML-N and exchanged sides just in 2018. Dynastic legislative issues? Philosophical laborer?

Mian Azam Chela from PP-125 is a famous electable whose dynamic in governmental issues began around 1985. He hosts and joined practically every one of the gatherings including PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, IJI, and presently PTI. He comes from a medieval foundation and will join any party that suits him. Exceptionally philosophical specialist.

Mehr Nawaz Bharwana is another electable from Jhang as he is challenging on PP-127 Jhang. Bharwanas is an extremely renowned political group of Jhang that has exchanged different sides all through and joined PTI in 2018 by JKT endeavors. Extremely philosophical individuals from PTI, I should say.

From PP-140 Sheikhupura, the applicant is Khurram Virk. He’s the cousin of PTI applicant from Public Gathering Saeed Virk who himself has been challenging starting around 2002 and hosts been essential for different political gatherings. The dynastic governmental issues and philosophy don’t make any difference here.

Mian Akram Usman from PP-158 Lahore is a son-in-law of Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed. His dad Mian Usman was additionally an MNA from Ichra. His party enrollment was suspended in 2020 over the oppression Hindus. Extremely commendable applicant. Express no to dynastic legislative issues?

From PP-167 Lahore, the ticket has been given to Atif Chaudhary who is a relative of PTI Congressperson Ejaz Chaudhary. Atif Chaudhary isn’t the son of Ejaz Chaudhary but his son did apply for the ticket. But again the ticket has been given to the brother of another candidate of PTI.

I have heard that the now ticket has been given to Shabbir Gujjar after a dissent who himself is a sibling of PTI MPA competitor Khalid Gujjar. Interesting Dynastic legislative issues?

PP-168 is an unwinnable seat for PTI, in this way they gave passes to amateurs here. Truly, I have barely any familiarity with Nawaz Awan so I won’t remark on him.

In PP-202 Chichawatni, the ticket has been given to renowned “lota” Major Sarwar. Major Sarwar has been dynamic in legislative issues beginning around 2002 at any rate and has challenged the tickets of PML-Q and PPP. Evidently, SQM is the person who campaigned for him. Exceptionally philosophical.

From PP-217 Multan, the ticket has been given to the fourth-era dynast and child of SMQ, Zain Qureshi. SMQ himself lost the political race on this seat in 2018 since this isn’t the customary seat of Qureshi family. PTI couldn’t track down any contender for this seat other than his child.

PP-224 Lodhran, the ticket has been given to Amir Iqbal Shah, a child of renowned Iqbal Shah who crushed Ali Tareen on a PML-N ticket. The amusing thing about this is that Amir Iqbal Shah was in PML-N in a real sense fourteen days prior. Dynastic legislative issues? Philosophical laborer?

PP-228 Lodhran has Ezat Javed Khan, who was a PPP applicant in 2008 and before that was in PML-Q. He was one of those individuals who joined PTI alongside Tareen. In 2018 when he wasn’t given the ticket, he put his own applicant as an autonomous. Exceptionally philosophical.

From PP-272, the up-and-comer is the popular Moazam Jatoi of the Jatoi primitive family who was an ex-government service for PPP. His entire family is in legislative issues and his uncle Qayyum Jatoi was additionally MNA. It’s not his own voting demographic yet he is challenging. Dynastic governmental issues? Philosophical specialist?

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From PP-273, the competitor is Yasir Jatoi from the equivalent famous Jatoi group of Muzaffargarh and was PMLQ MPA previously. He is a cousin of Moazam Jatoi. His cousin Daud Jatoi was a PPP competitor in 2018, and his uncle was PPP MNA. Dynastic governmental issues? Philosophical specialist?

From PP-282, the competitor is Qaiser Abbas Magsi. Magsi was PML-N MPA from 2008 to 2018 from exactly the same seat. He joined PTI before the 2018 political race. He additionally has a place with the renowned medieval group of Layyah. Dynastic legislative issues? Philosophical laborer?

From PP-288, the competitor is Saif-ud-commotion Khosa, child of ex-lead representative Zulfiqar Khosa and sibling of ex-CM Dost Muhammad Khosa. Khosa group of DG Khan needn’t bother with any presentation as they are federal and host a background marked by evolving gatherings. Dynastic legislative issues? Philosophical laborer?

How can I forget to add Zahid Iqbal Chaudhary from PP-236 as well? He’s the brother of MNA Tahir Iqbal Chaudhary NA-164 (an electable) n known as LOTA in his own area.

So you can see the who hostile to lota and against dynast story is only an exterior. Very much like different legislators, Imran Khan is a shark double confronted lawmaker who can go to any degree to remain in power. He has no standards. Tragically, this is the manner by which governmental issues work. Imran Khan was a visionary leader until he won the election, now his only vision is to win an election again, and Pakistan can go to Hell.

PTI allies ought to encourage IK to quit lying about not giving passes to electables, turncoats and feudals yet to philosophical laborers. This is only an impression of his untruths and disconnected legislative issues.

There is difference between keep voting for Shareef and Bhutto family with out having any alternate option and giving tickets to electables (which should have to be discourage), after IK PTI will not be led by his offspring. By that standard, Imran Khan can never make Pakistan corruption free country. His 90% party members are corrupt and have remained in scandals.

Apart from PTI, PPP also claims to bring workers in the mainstream politics but we all know who eventually makes it to the assembly Ignore mainstream pol parties for a second, we find small pol parties comprising wholly of workers running for assembly. How many of them make it?

And then, there’s good ol’ paradox of experience vs employability. Even, if parties choose loyal workers to contest election, equip them with resources & finances, but a common worker severely lacks interpersonal skills that’s needed in a constituency to turn support into vote.

Prob doesn’t lie with political parties but with the system that’s incorporated within the foundations of our democray over long period of time What you’re describing is a symptom, the disease lies with mindset of the voter. Instead of begging parties to not choose dynasts, educate the voter.

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