Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Golf is game for a father and son, especially when one of them is a rich or retired personnel. There is a popular Volkswagen car named “Golf” after this sport. Sports enthusiasts tend to make round trip flights to PGA tours for the passion of the sports and to support their favourite players. Often they get inspired with the words of wisdom and advice shared by the fraternity.

In one of the recent expedition, I got a chance to get pieces of advice by my uncle Col Zahid Iqbal who is a regular campaigner. He helped me with sublime advice on cheap golf clubs, Nike golf shoes, Nike Ignite putter, golf ball retrievergolf cart, and golf ball cleaner. He certainly has a favourite pass time; leisure during his quarantine routine. He is an honorary member of the Swedish Golf Federation. He also helped me create a beginners checklist to know it all at a fundamental level.

Non-Exhaustive Golf Equipment Checklist

  1. Golf Outfit and attire (golf head cover, golf hat, zip up jacket, golf jumpers, arm sleeves, golf polo shirts, golf tee times, golf trousers, comfortable golf shoes)
  2. Golf Clubs and accessories (golf putters including jumbo putter grips, Golf Umbrella, and golf alignment sticks)
  3. Golf Balls (Yellow golf balls, Plastic golf balls, Green golf balls)
  4. Golf Guides (Golf yardage Book and golf rangefinder)
  5. Transport (Buggy, Car, Trolleys and Carts)

Nice shot man

I also learnt modern golf swing and as to why club head speed is important for home driving range and what are ball flight laws. I asked him why golf balls have dimples and what is the golf handicap system. We also discussed best golf ball brands and he agreed that Titleist (pro v range), Taylormade (TP5), Srixon (Z Star), Callaway (Chrome Soft), Mizino (RB), Bridgestone (Tour), Vice and Honma are also worth checking out.

Pitch and putt

He also gave me tips on golf training aids and stability ball exercises. He also revealed his favorite Scotty Cameron putter and Ray Cook putter before telling me how cheap are the used golf equipment compared to his putter. While he was giving me advice, we also met the golf course superintendent who came on his electric mobility scooter.

Chip and putt

He advised me to go through mini golf course guide online before going on to join public golf courses like Defence Raya Country Club or Islamabad club golf driving range near me to go play golf for that matter.

He also promised to gift me mini golf game for the “home court advantage” that I will play with my recently bought little club heads and lots of practice golf balls. Yay! free golf balls. That will give me a home field advantage 😉

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