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How to Differentiate between Science and Divinity?

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The science is already damaged enough because on the ongoing replication crisis and people who don’t enter labs with preconceived conclusions bases on their strong intuitions. Allah says in the Qur’an. “I know what you know not.” We only know or ever will know only a tiny sliver. This becomes clearer as we try and learn more. People today observe God of the gaps argument. If you bend and torture data hard enough you can make it confess to anything. This desire to reconcile rationality with a believe system is a slippery slope.

The universe is under no obligation to make any sense to us and if we stretch our imagination beyond observations then any connection can be made with any believe including Spirituality, but we unfortunately won’t be left with a yard stick any longer. Lawrence Krauss makes a case about it in a universe from nothing. There are thin lines between being logical and hyper logical, rational and over rational and scientifically speaking there is no such thing as metaphysics. It’s all hocus pocus if you observe how from scientology followers to Mormons, Buddhists to hindus attempts to connect disciplines like astrophysics and astronomy with their believe systems.

What is the most breathtaking fact written in the Quran?

Surah “Al-Hadid” meaning Iron being the 57th Surah of Holy Quran. In 25th verse of this Chapter Allah says,

And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Allah may make evident those who support Him and His messengers unseen. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.

Now, if you don’t know Iron has 4 isotopes,

Fe-55, Fe-56, Fe-57 and Fe-58

Scientists say that not all of the iron found on earth is from this planet and a portion of it is not from this planet. Also, this Chapter is in the middle of Holy Quran, there are 114 total chapters in Holy Quran and this is the 57th. Earth consists of three layers and core is the middle layer. Iron is found in the core. So this is also another fact. It can’t be such a great coincidence that the Surah Al Hadid (Iron) is the 57th Surah of Holy Quran and 57 appears to be its atomic mass.

It also can’t be a coincidence that Allah said in the 25th verse of this Surah that, “We (Allah) sent iron.”

This is no coincidence in my view and is a scientific proof that Holy Quran is indeed the word of Allah otherwise who would have known this 1400 years ago?

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Now. there are two phenomena humans being should look out for, one is the Scientific evidence and other is the Revealed knowledge. You can not keep religion out of every day life. I believe God is the only explanation (revealed knowledge) of any physical phenomena (acquired knowledge) of nature. What disturbs me is a strong disconnect in disposition of theoretical Physics and spiritual discourse of Dr Abdul Salam. Building on that today’s pseudo liberals like Pervez Hoodbhoy are in action again. More recently, there are two videos associated with muslim clergy men who says things that do not appeal to logic. One of them is about the methodology on how to cut a cucumber [without wasting resources]. I for one do not mock the gist as:

  1. Energy conservation is at helm of affairs at my company and since I am participating in Asian Productivity Organization special study mission for food security in Asia, it totally makes sense
  2. I saw a video of a western guy who became a dweller in Florida to prove a point along minimalism for an year eating organic food and thriving on it

The second video is the same as the “Flat Earth Debate”. Again, that is a western movement. We don’t judge them. In this video, the clergy men is seen quoting that the Earth is stationary for as much as Galileo was kicked out of church the student who tried defending his text book was also refuted on camera. I don’t know which model is correct but there are many models available in science. Ptolemaic model is one of example in which earth is stationary.

According to Modern Physics, the rest and motion are not absolute but are relative. Also, the rest and motion depend on the observer and its frame of reference. That is what I practically understood while doing conservation of angular momentum study for SUPARCO (our local NASA). As we are on the Earth, so earth is static with respect to us which favor argumentations of static theory of Imam Ahmad Raza. For theoretical knowledge I should always use the words “could” or “maybe”. Non-Muslims are ruling in that field so we have to listen to whatever they say. In fact, this is not a part of our basic faith. We may have belief on any solar system, it will not affect our faith.



Really, the universe is actually just the same electrons and protons. What is different is the count and that too shifts with energy alone. At the end we are all living in a Matrix. There is no reality. Every individual has his/her own simulation. We don’t interact with other real people or with real world. Only with our perception of other people and real world.  It is interesting to note that Imam Ahmad Raza is the first Muslim scientist of the 20th century who made rich creative scientific contributions regarding Modern Physics like static theory of Earth. Now, I am not corrupting your mind, but here is a free download of the complete book: A Fair Success. As a fact of matter, this is what Dr. Muhammad Maalik, MBBS, PMDC King Edward Medical College And Mayo Hospital Lahore, said:

I would like to suggest that to make the new generation conversant with the scientific work of Imam Ahmad Raza, it is necessary that various Seminars/Symposiums should be arranged at national/ international level where significant research scholars may vehemently discuss the informative scientific work of Imam Ahmad Raza that can bring about a guideline in the scientific era.

I may not completely belong to the faction which pays heeds to above particular segment of a Sunni divide but yeah, what hurts is when a “believer” mocks the religion or the ones who are religion’s SME i.e. the Ulema/Muftis. Remotely relevant but adding to the discussion, one of my friends always used to wonder why all Islamic texts and speeches talk more about heart rather than brain whenever talking about thought process etc. Here’s what he learnt a few days ago in a research by McCraty et al., 2015:

The human heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field around the body. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.

Quantum mechanics is fascinating albeit mind bending. You might enjoy reading up further on Higgs Boson and multiverse theory. Having said that, science is only stepping into what spirituality has to offer. The double slit experiment, the entanglement theory & QED are all great experiments in quantum physics showing the connection with spirituality! Let me not get started on the principle of ascension of the Holy Prophet SAWW and wave particle duality but here is some scientific explanation for the event of miraj:

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Remember while revealed knowledge is the absolute truth, there is also freedom of research in Islam as no human being other than the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. is a testament to it when he, may peace be upon him, one day saw that some people were atop the date trees busy in doing something. On being asked what they were engaged in, they replied that they were pollinating. The Prophet suggested them not to do so. The following year date yield was considerably very low. The Prophet enquired them of the reason [while being shy]. They told him that the date crop depended on pollination. Since he suggested them to otherwise, they had refrained from that. The Prophet then told them to go on doing as they used to, and told that,

You know the worldly matters better than me. Al – Bukhari. (Moosams, 2009)

There is revealed knowledge and then there is acquired knowledge. Veil upon veil upon veil.. this onion has a lot of layers, each layer it’s own independent system. The biggest betrayal is not acting upon the decorum laid by Prophet Muhammad SAWW in the fair bit essence of the word. Now here is another interesting video about importance of Salah:

We can’t comment on something we don’t know with certainty. Perhaps, one should urge to stop bringing remote traces of someone morphing their insensitivity into a sensitive society, that too, based on varying moral belief systems. How can we claim to be knowing more about the world than The Creator!

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