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Zorays Khalid
device identification registration and blocking system dirbs
device identification registration and blocking system dirbs


Slow Internet Drives Online Business at Snail Speed due to PTA Blocking Gateways

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From yesterday, there is a high packet loss happening on the internet across the country. There is an impact especially on voice call centers & software houses, VPNs, and gamers is worst. Problem look in the monitoring system installed by PTA on PTCL and TWA Internet gateways, this needs to be addressed by PTA immediately. Remember, every service provider, fiber or nonfiber all take their bandwidth from PTCL.

Initially, I thought it’s an issue with my internet only. 

Why is the PTA slowing down the internet traffic?

There was a 6 hour planned outage on just 100G/150G capacity of 1 ISP on one cable and it caused ripples across the entire country.

It seems all they do these days, besides a wonderful job around pta mobile registration check, is to find new and interesting ways to destroy digital progress. And yet they (PTA) have the audacity to claim everything is fine. It’s not even hard to figure out where the problem is when upstream of tier 1 ISPs are fine, ISP’s downstream is fine yet VoIP traffic, gaming servers, etc are seeing massive degradation. I think PTA should rethink decisions and consult with ISP first before taking any step.

Everything other than pta imei check online, PTA admin has gone insane. I’m surprised there’s no one to sue them? This is called false positives. There should be liquidation damages enforced. When will PTA or whoever is doing it understand that slowing the Internet hurts the Economy, hinders international business prospects, helps our foreign competitors are showing we are not reliable hence is not in the national interest? We are rapidly becoming a North Korean style hermit state. With an education in a terrible state, we are closing the doors on people searching for alternative sources of knowledge. I hate everyone besides those who manage pta device registration system. Even children are crying over PUBG servers lag. This is not Wol Net time.

I am friends with Dr. Basit Alvi, accidental founder of the first cyber virus and the owner of Brain Net and he is of the fact:

Isn’t this a failure as a regulator to ensure QoS ? Isn’t it your [PTA’s] duty as a regulator to make sure sufficient BW is available and ISPs/ providers don’t oversell? If you can stop being the moral police and focus on actual regulator work – these things won’t slip through.

Is the reason PTA’s own grey traffic/VPN monitoring mechanisms or that of agencies?

A very pertinent question. To spy on people they started filtering it like NSA but truth is they suck in it. I am sure we are watched by these people for the current ARMY profanity plus some international companies from Israel because they do not have a tech to do that on their own. Recently, Facebook has agreed to share information with PTA. Hope nothing is traced back to Indian influence.

Maybe if we want to be a digital-first nation, we should focus on basic connectivity. PTA must focus on regulatory and policy items! This time it was not even the sharks that cut the submarine cables that drove the internet slow today.





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