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How to Tame Corona into Startup Growth Opportunity in 2020?

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Hulk Hogan individual fights were like modern day startup fights between two co-founders. Then there was an yearly Royal Rumble. Just like employees wanting more roles and appraisals. Startup can be a chaotic environment. But what is that one thing without which any business fails, despite the fact that passion and hard work is already there? Definitely, growth. Right time, right place, right lighting – just like photography. According to a study, the biggest factor in success of a startup is ‘timing’. 

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In every cubicle is sitting a startup founder, dreaming and molding his innovative ideas. Who would not aspire to become the Gates and the Jobs instead of sitting in the confined to his 6×6 cubicle for life! In modern times, the greater few of them are daring out to venture their model into the competition. The aspirations of all those Pakistani startup ideas which venture out are extremely high unless they get a tight slap on their face from the consumer or end-user of their product. The first slap feels quite heavy; mightier enough to blow many of them beyond the race. Few charmer with thicker skin are able to survive the punch, although little deformed or changed. Taming chaos into growth is a time function of various variables listed below: 

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Many of the best process improvements in the business come from harvesting the lessons from a failure, sifting out the most worthwhile ideas, and improving on them until something truly valuable is attained. Remember these points discussed above are time dependent actions, work through your sudden failures so you should leap forward for a permanent success.

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