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Reasons You End Up Paying More in WAPDA Electricity Bill

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First of all, what does WAPDA stand for?

WAPDA is acronym for Water & Power Development Authority.

Today, I will share how to read WAPDA electricity bill. This will help you know if we as end consumer end up paying the electricity bills of Wapda employees who get free electricity, just like our old neighbours and for the so-called line losses also know as “kunda”.  I learned is that these perk units for WAPDA employees are added in the line losses.

I have no issue with employees getting remuneration, if WAPDA adjust that amount in salaries, it’s fine, but if it is made part of line losses then I have an issue.  But, I think instead of raising question on perks and benefits of WAPDA employee, we need to ask the way they are charging us. The media hardly talks about issues that matter to the public. Spin doctoring and bull shit gossip is all they push.

First of all, one should access their duplicate bill from DISCO (distribution company) e.g. Lahore Electric Supply Company or PESCO Wapda.

Then on top, inside the tariff they should pay a look upon the parenthesis e.g. if that is (1) or (3). (1) meaning single phase and  (3) meaning 3-phase. Now, this is important because when the facility where you live or perform you commercial activities was designed, there was some tentative transformer and hence the sanctioned load attributed to the expected usage of each entity.

What is Sanctioned Load? Sanctioned load, is the threshold above you are hit with MDI surcharge.

What is MDI? MDI is the maximum demand indicator which is the positive displacement from the sanctioned load. In old meters and even in usual residential 3-phase meters, this MDI is hidden.

One wrong conception is if the sanction load on a single phase meter is same as three phase, people generally assume that they are paying more, in fact, this is exactly opposite. Because with provision of three phase new connections, and newer distribution schemes, the load is evenly divided; hence, your consumption is well within an overall average of individual of 3 allotted phases (its root mean square value). This prevents offsets from sanctioned load (“aukaat”).

That’s why, one is advised to change their meters to latest electricity meters.

How can I apply for a new meter?

Simple, take an application to SDO. Who is an SDO?

Well, SDO, the sub divisional officer of your locality will ask you to write an application for load enhancement (and if there is a need for change of name, that could also be done at this stage with a small procedural fee). The SDO will ask his line men to check for the provisions of enhanced loads and thus dedicate a new meter for which a demand notice has to be filled. In some cases, the XEN is marked for special grant of permission. Who is an XEN? Chief Engineer who is the case authority for the circle (zone)  Just as in cases of net metering for solar.

What are some surcharges that you are paying?

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The most annoying are capacity charges which are paid by the Government to Independent Power Plants (IPP) or rental power plants just because their installed a certain capacity power plant which is underused or has depreciated in performance. Usual beneficiaries like Mansha Sb of Nishat Chunian,  Shah Faisal Afridi of Reshma Power Plant, Salman Shahbaz of Chiniot Power, Syed Babar Ali Packages and Abdul Razaq Dawood of Descon. Not to forget that Sugar Mafia like Jehangir Khan Tareen get rebate on taxes for bi-product electrify from Baggase.

Also, do you remember paying for PTV. Even mosques end up paying an institutional write off (NRO for their failure). Then, there is one for Neelum Jhelum development. Much like Bhasha Dam. Those without solar net metering are hideously being charged for the infrastructure cost for those who have solar net metering. What is the solution?

Well quite frankly, the only method is to get the rebate by installing solar so you be part of that elite group which cherishes the parity. What is Subsidy and how it works?

The slots that are charged for more and less according to strata of society. Also, the peak hours and off-peak hours based on what rates are offered to industry versus a normal consumer, all are covered by variant subsidy schemes. Between industries too, there are some liked industrial segments like exports which get PM reliefs. Residential customers end of paying more until they get their true energy independence by solar net metering. Going off grid is not an option.

Role of WAPDA in load shedding?

Zero. IT is NTDC. The national transmission and dispatch company.

Some good work by WAPDA is wapda online application for meter connection by specific Discos under the ease of doing business focus. WAPDA also shares the revised NEPRA bill tariffs.

Last but not the least if you need a commercial meter installation help. Do ping me. Also, for the solar. You know the drill.


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