Supporters Declare Loyalty to Imran Khan at Zaman Park

Chota Faheem Aya Zaman Park | Imran Khan Hamaray Rohani Baap Hain

During Eid holidays, instead of going to the zoo, we went to the Zaman Park. The scenes really weren’t any different. In this satirical/hypocritical take, I deliver a passionate speech at Zaman Park, Lahore, where PTI supporters have gathered for showing solidarity with Imran Khan. I proclaim Imran Khan as their “rohani baap” (spiritual father) and denounce the “imported hakoomat” (foreign rule) of previous governments. The crowd cheers as I call for unity and perseverance in the face of opposition from the police and PDM. The video ends with a call to action, asking viewers to like, subscribe, and share the message.

Disclaimer: I do not vote for PTI but know it is important to distinguish between right and wrong and the struggle to get free and fair elections is a democratic right for any party.

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