[First Innings Pak vs Australia] Maut ka khel at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru Banglore

Adam Zampa is likely to miss today’s match against Pakistan due to back spasms.

The fitness standards of our team have significantly declined. Salman Ali Agha did not accompany the team to the stadium today. Additionally, Fakhar is unavailable as a substitute fielder due to a knee issue. Pakistan has included two reserve squad members among the four substitutes for today. These reserves are allowed to bring drinks but are not permitted to field.

I can never comprehend the foolishness of choosing to bowl first. Australian pacers would dominate you under the lights. Moreover, their batting can be pressured with a substantial target. It seems like the geniuses and data analysts in our team management probably don’t want any match other than ours.

Usama Mir drops Warner’s catch on Shaheen’s ball.

In 2015, Rahat dropped Watson. In 2019, there were two dropped catches of Warner, allowing him to score a century. In 2023, Usaama Mir dropped Warner again, and he is on his way to a quick hundred.

Such pathetic fielding. Pakistan is beginning their game against Australia with a solid start.

A captain without foresight

Every time a bowler performs well, Babar Azam substitutes him with a part-time spinner. Shaheen should have been allowed to bowl at least 2 more overs.

Making Babar captain is a big enough crime for Niazi to spend his whole life in jail. I don’t want that man to see freedom again. Especially after Shaheen had just bowled a maiden over. This is a basic cricket strategy. How can you replace your main bowler after he bowls a maiden over? He is not showing improvement as a captain. He should be replaced mid-tournament with Rizwan.

Satire: We should improve our run rate, not hinder it, because we progress through prayers, not just performance.

Pace with no Brain

Haris Rauf is bowling at 150 kilometers per hour and 148 kilometers per hour! The pace is pace, my friend! Haris Rauf is well on course to achieve the fastest-ever ODI century! (AS A BOWLER…) If Haris is struggling in the middle overs, get him to bowl with the new ball. He won’t get slaughtered. Haha, 59 runs in just 4 overs! From 0 to 150, a police ambassador, one of the greatest inventions of PSL. A true all-rounder, by day and a fascist enabler by night, is having quite the game today. Bravo!

Who’s going to break this opening stand? Haris and Iftikhar are being taken to the cleaners.

Iftikhar Ahmed has bowled 8 overs, conceding 37 runs so far – he’s been our best bowler today.

Is anyone up for a cake-cutting ceremony during the drinks break?

No matter how positive we try to be, how much we try to back them or support them, no matter how many schemes we implement. This team won’t make it to the semi-finals under Babar Azam’s captaincy. Sometimes, without becoming blind followers, we need to think realistically. There’s a significant difference in quality.

It’s embarrassing how we can already predict the match result without even playing the second innings. But this Pakistan Cricket Team is no match for top-quality sides. Don’t compare this mediocre team to the high-caliber teams in world cricket.

Warner and Marsh are on a rampage!

If Australia isn’t confident, India might win the World Cup. Marsh and Warner both reach their fifties as Australia reach 172-0 at the halfway mark. The commentators are discussing the possibility of sending Maxwell up in the order, but I believe it will only happen when we manage to take a wicket.

A total of 23 sixes in this match so far!!

  • 6 by Warner 8 by Marsh 11 in green jerseys

They need 248 more runs in 27 overs. Australia can still make it.

It’s a nail-biting scene, a match within a single innings. These are unprecedented scenes. And now, imagine Imam ul Haq as your opener. This team would have never won the Champions Trophy in 2017.

Finally, Usama Mir caught Marsh on a deep square leg. All of a sudden, Shaheen strikes again as Maxwell goes on zero at Mid-Off.

Maxwell came with an intent to hit. By the way, Shaheen is on hat-trick.

Usama bowled the best delivery by a Pakistani leg-spinner to Smith in ODIs in over four years, only for it to be dropped by the King. Absolutely beautiful. Instead of playing with the ball, let’s play with the cake. We can catch the cake!

Babar is indeed a good captain. He has imparted a valuable lesson to Usama about the frustration a bowler experiences when a fielder drops a straightforward catch. A commendable move by King Babar.

Smith falls as well, and Usama Mir gets his maiden World Cup wicket. Steadily but surely, we’re staging a comeback!

A record-equaling knock in Bengaluru

Dropped on 10, no matter how much Warner scores, he’ll end up in hell. Warner with 150+ in 116 balls only.

Warner goes on 163. Thank goodness Warner didn’t reach 200.

Key Take Aways

Regrettably, it seems that the Pakistan cricket team is heading down a similar troublesome path as Bangladesh. Perhaps there is still time to rectify our errors. We need to weed out the nepotism, favoritism, and aging players who are well past their prime. Players like Nawaz, Iftikhar (who, let’s face it, has been underperforming), Imam, Rauf, and Hassan Ali seem to be occupying valuable spots without merit and should be let go after this World Cup. Abrar could potentially replace Nawaz, and Zaman could be given a chance in place of Hassan Ali.

However, the most crucial step is an overhaul, beginning with first-class cricket. Adopting the fitness standards, and dietary plans, and promoting lean, muscular physiques (rather than pot bellies) that worked wonders for the Indian team could yield positive results. If emerging young cricketers adhere to these principles, we’ll gradually see improvements.

But who am I fooling? I fear that rational thinking might not prevail. Nepotism, favoritism, and connections might ultimately prevail, leading us toward our downfall.

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