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Zorays Khalid

Who is Zorays Khalid?

Renewable Energy Guru | Graphics Scientist | LinkedIn Goodwill Ambassador | Innovation Manager | Think Againer | Data Driven Investor

Zorays – trailblazing my way in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector, I founded and am currently leading one of the top solar power companies in the country. During my career with Haier, I have had always been a passionate advocate of sustainability as my vision is now set on revolutionizing the electric vehicle infrastructure of the country and the world. I am an electronic engineer by qualification, I did my BS (Electronic Engineering) from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. My Final Year Project was sponsored by SUPARCO around DSP Kit implementation of Kalman Filter based sensor fusion algorithm for attitude sensors during the curriculum. I have built a user-centered OBD II interface with firmware development for STN1110 micro controller and done fault analysis for transformers. I can be reached as a leader, mentor, founder, CEO, technology expert, e-commerce guru, and social impact worker.

What do I do?

Who or what does anyone believe I am? I have tried a lot of work over my career. My passion lies in solar and wind power equipment manufacturing. My job title at Zorays Solar is Principal Design Engineer. While this is a perfect title for internal understanding at my company, my personal branding goals are to grow my reputation as an expert in the solar and wind manufacturing design space. I am growing my personal brand by using the title, Solar and Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Expert on this personal website www.zorayskhalid.com and on Twitter. I have three published journals:

  • Direct Control of Three-Phase Smart Load for Neutral Current Mitigation
  • Stochastic versus Robust Optimization of WindHydro Power Plant’s Operational Strategy
  • Fault Analysis of Inverter fed Induction Motor under DC-link Capacitor Open Circuit

I am currently reviewing one as well. These add to my adaptability and open-mindedness towards cultural diversity.

Defining Career Goals

Have you ever thought about writing your career objective statement? A key to staying motivated is being able to see and measure your progress toward that goal. Let’s take a few minutes to figure out what success is to you because it’s not the same for everybody. A great career strategy relies on strong foundations. My main goal was to be free to travel and to work wherever I was. Having a greater variety of work was also important to me, as was having a flexible schedule.

The difference between dreams and goals is that goals are specific —  Definition of Goal

What are my goals?

My mantra is to never stop evolving; as, I deserve better. Goals, I aspire, to experience enterprise growth and cherish freedom through responsibility. Responsible enough that, I am curious, to contribute outside my domain: improving stated premises. So, I am up for reinforced collaboration and proactive valued experimentation.

My Story

My personal brand become Zorays Khalid, an early success story from Pakistan. Got Featured: Startup Valley, Pakwired, and several other websites. Self-praise is no recommendation. I own a renowned Renewable Energy company Zorays Solar Pakistan which I formed after I attended Grand Renewable Energy 2014 International Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, and understood the way forward from existing RE challenges. Youngest importer and millionaire in the whole family. Own a Mercedes of hard-earned humility. I am a person ready to dig the Earth and climb the sky for meeting substantial goals.

How I survive?

Every time you talk to prospective clients, they’ll want to know why they should trust you. Remember, it’s not just money. Inevitably, I fix the problems; not the blames. I judge the root causes and get beyond treating symptoms. I like meeting deadlines and project timelines with time in hand. I take smart risks and celebrate wins. I believe in impact, not process; context not control. I pay respect to earn respect. The humility that is my arsenal; I am non-political: treating people with respect independent of their disagreement. Sport is another passion. I remained Technical Assistant for 32nd National Games by Interim Olympics Committee overseeing Legal and Ethical dimensions of fair play among 4000 participant players.

First, Write Down Today’s date

How do I define my career? My interests lie in the fields of Solid-State Electronics, Differential Equations, Critical Thinking, Technical Writing, Analysis and Design of algorithms, Organizational Analysis, and Social Network Analysis. My number one goal was to be able to travel and to work from wherever I was. Well, what’s needed for that? First, I’d need clients who didn’t require me to be in a specific place. Second, I need equipment to work on the road. For me, that’s a laptop and mobile Internet. I also had one more requirement; to prove to myself that it would all work as expected both in my city Lahore and in two other locations Islamabad and Karachi.

Where does it hurt?

It hurts when people are jealous. They will not be acknowledging yet stalking at my naked success. My experience over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter tells me that. Three years back, LUMS turned me down for an MBA opportunity. Since then, I have judged at several of their Startup competitions. I often go there to play tennis as well. Your experience, knowledge, and communications will help you if you constantly keep updating your knowledge.

At Lahore University of Management Sciences, I learned Mandarin in their Lifetime Learning School. Mandarin is one of five major regional languages of China. It spreads wider than any other regional language, from the whole northern part of China down to Yunnan Province in the southwest corner of China. It is an important language in today’s world and learning it can open many new avenues.


  • Attended All-Party Parliamentary Group at The House of Parliament London 2019
  • Acted UNIDO Renewable Energy Mentor for CLEANTECH Competition, Islamabad 2017
  • Got Sponsored Study Mission Trip by APO Japan to Indonesia on Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Certificate of completion on “How to write a winning proposal?” from NPO
  • Technical Assistant International Olympic Committee
  • Startnext Donor at My Face For Peace to raise Civil Rights and Social Action Awareness
  • Startup Istanbul 2020 Team Lead, Startup Week at Lums, Top 100 Startups Islamabad 2015
  • Judged Young Leaders’ Entrepreneurial Summit LUMS, Lahore 2018 and Hult Prize Judgement Panelist, Lahore 2018

I have also learned basic digital electronics and electrical equipment by visiting testing labs: National Physical Laboratory (NPL) – Teddington, U.K. (2005), and National Physical Laboratory (NPLI) – New Delhi, India (2006). I helped Hoola inc (formerly Enekon) do integration of hardware solution for Raspberry Pi or Python-based Twitterbot for sentiment analysis and Research on Social Analytic Tools. Business proposal for SM crawler (dashboard like the product on social branding semantics and automated marketing reports). Definition of various Social Networking engagement measure terms. GSM module based SMS service for offline web browsing. Bootstrap website styling and basic Html coding. Procurement research on 3D glass boxes and digital signage. I have a setup of a hardware lab with basic electrical and electronic interfacing compatibility/environment.

At Schlumberger, I learned about all the Drilling and Measurement equipment and procedures. During the internship period, I had to survey a few technical modules which were specific to the Drilling and Measurement segment, which included
• an introduction to Drilling & Measurement segment and its core services
• interpretation of Direction & Inclination terminologies
• learning of Telemetry procedures and working of Measurement While Drilling tools
• understanding of Surface System structure.

The objective of my 6 weeks efforts at Ericsson Islamabad was to get the know-how of the local Telecommunication Industry and the role of Ericsson in promoting it. I got myself acquainted with the company from a global perspective. The company management hierarchy became evident. I also became acknowledged to the new challenges of the emerging 3G technological evolution and how market strategies are set to cater for them. Got to know how Ericsson people set their goals; I became aware of company statistics.

In my 3-week hitch at AKSA, I learned about board-level designing by performing complete schematic design for IFF Card later used in JF-17 which shot down Abhinandon. I comprehensively researched the working science behind PCB Manufacturing and thoroughly compared data sheets by tracing-component details and prepared a final report accordingly.

Diversity in skills saves you from adversaries

Primarily I did my Electronic Hardware Design Engineering from GIKI covering Humanities, Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Engineering. Later, I joined LUMS to discover myself as a Thought Leader Improving Pakistan’s GDP. Recently, I interviewed the following industry experts and figured out that our world needs more digitizing and personal branding to keep upbeat with the modern requirement of the post-Corona pandemic. I enjoy sharing the projects and posts I make just as much as I enjoy creating them. The webinar series was hosted using Facebook Stream and was broadcast using Online Broadcast Studio while the guests appeared on Whereby.

Brands That I Power Endorse


QISSA is a first Sialkot based fashion brand introducing new cuts, creative designs and innovative way of embellishments. QISSA is not something that is only related to clothing brand. It has a long lasting mission to focus and an aim to target. The entire working of QISSA revolves around themes. And themes are basically the social issues that are destructing our society. The vision that QISSA has is to involve fashion industry in educating people over the real concept of an issue. Our fashion industry is one with the most influence. So, if we want to educate people over something, this industry can play a massive role in it. QISSA aims to target “change” through this platform.

Simply Natural

We are an online store providing access to natural, organic and herbal products for nature loving people. We ensure purity in everything we deliver at your doorstep. Our premium collection of Honey is all Raw and Unfiltered, preserving nature for your body and mind.

brick-and-mortar platform

Polly & Other Stories is Pakistan's first e-commerce and brick-and-mortar platform store for unique, handmade products sourced directly from artisans and small businesses from across the country.Polly and Other Stories deals in Unique, handmade textiles, accessories, jewellery, toys, homewares, lifestyle products, gifts and art and inspirational stories from across Pakistan.

Khussa Mahal

Wirsa through its products aims to promote the culture of the Southern Punjab region of Pakistan. Our product range includes handmade Multani khussas and Bahawalpuri chunris. At home women in the underdeveloped areas of this region design and create our unique handmade products. Our mission is to empower women of the underprivileged areas and celebrate their talent through our products.

Student Learning Kits

Oxbridge Innovative Solutions aims to promote the love of 'making' among children through hands-on-projects. We develop DIY STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning kits for children aged 6-15. We aim to provide creative and practical solutions to problems areas in various diversified fields in Pakistan.

Fake Lashes

Layesha deals in premium lashes, every pair and every band is individually designed to perfection. We have created an ultimate collection of lashes including 3D Luxe Mink Fur, Silk & Faux Mink Eyelashes that are high quality, 100% cruelty free, and reusable.

Hair and Skin Products

Absolute Flawless is an online platform that offers authentic hair & skin products of all leading brands. We also have a wide variety of beauty electronics including hair dryers, silkepils etc.

Face washes

Launch of 2 New Face Washes by Conatural; Rose Face Wash and Tea Tree and Neem Face Wash

Lingerie in Pakistan

Losha, Women Undergarments, Nightwear and Activewear Clothing.

Aritificial Jewellery

Keepsakes by Reem deals in handmade jewelry for women of Pakistan. Started in 2010 as a passion project, Keepsakes has always been first and foremost about classical yet unique jewelry pieces. All of our pieces are handcrafted with loving attention to detail. The founder and CEO, Reem, draws artistic inspiration from her fascination with gems. In her eyes, no two stones are alike just like women, and her craftsmanship is designed to underline this individuality with each piece being one-of-a-kind story tailored for her clients.

Beauty Products

Allurebeauty is an online store offering a wide range of authentic Makeup, Skincare and perfumes. We guarantee the authenticity of our products and are currently delivering all over Pakistan. We carry local and international Brands that you love, available at reasonable prices.

satchels for women

Handle & Zipper deals in a vast variety of Bags, including Top Handle bag, Crossbody bag, Tote Bag, Travelling Bag, Backpacks, etc. Be it for formal, casual, party use; you name it, we have it. From ladies’ Handbags to Clutches, from Corporate bags to traveling luggage we have something for everyone. If you’re looking for one place to buy every purpose Bag then Handle & Zipper is the ideal destination. We aim to grant everyone in Pakistan quick access to our goods and services at an affordable price with return & exchange policy.

quality products in Pakistan

Al Hamra is an online store offering a wide range of quality products in various categories including lifestyle, apparel, appliances, health and fitness. Al Hamra is a one stop shop for your day to day needs with hundreds of products available at affordable prices.

Xoha lifestyle

Xoha Lifestyle Xoha is one of the Top Online Cosmetics Store in Pakistan, offering high quality Skin care products that you can easily buy online and get your skin care products at your doorstep. XOHA Lifestyle, in collaboration with its Chinese counterparts has launched a variety of herbal based makeup and skin care products in Pakistan. XOHA Lifestyle assures that the products are high end, medically and socially safe.


Onaps aims to empower women by providing safer menstrual hygiene products. O'naps premium organic sanitary pads are made from natural cotton, renewable and sustainable plant based material. They are completely plastic free and chemical free. Our pads do not contain synthetic material and are biodegradable.

Tanzila Khan

Girlythings.pk is an e-commerce store supported by a mobile application that delivers Feminine Hygiene Products to women across Pakistan in complete privacy and at doorstep. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we encourage you to stay home and order female essentials through our store for timely and safe delivery. We also deliver urgent Kits in Lahore to raise awareness on Menstrual Hygiene. Girlythings.pk has a wide range of exciting products for Health, Hygiene and Beauty.

Feet Care Products

An Effective and luxurious skincare brand that believes in valuing your true beauty and enhancing your skin through our range of products focused on giving clear, radiant, even-toned skin. SkinWin products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and paraben-free. Our range currently consists of Face masks, cleansers, scrubs, toners, hand and feet care products and much more.

Dhanak Boutique

Dhanak Fashion Boutique offers a wide range of Eastern wear for Women. The brand's wide range includes Pret wear, unstitched, casual wear and High quality replica outfits at amazing prices.

Western Culture

MeriShop is specialized in Western Clothing Products and is a well renowned brand in the fashion industry of Pakistan. We import Raw materials from western countries and prepare the designs on customer's demand at our manufacturing plant in Pakistan.


Mianah is a brand that brings to you, premium unstitched men's fabric, sourced directly from the hands that make them. Through Mianah, we are helping local entrepreneurs to create and sell their products to a global audience while enabling businesses and artisans to grow, learn, and earn their livelihoods.Our vision is to promote local industries and craftsmen while giving our customers the best quality within their reach. We care about the environment and our surroundings, which is why at Mianah, we use 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Where I would like to end?

I started as an entrepreneur. I would like to end getting noticed as a product manager with IoT in experiential creative solutions leading my own manufacturing plant for related products. Currently, I have produced a dance floor, successfully launched a Low-GI diet Ata (International Patent), introduced Electronic Bidets, and designed a disinfection tunnel. I invite you to discover the timeless and global digital market with me, making people aware of your business and taking it to the next level.

My Gigs

I will create a gif banner for your business presentation

I will create desktop or browser extension to your website

I will get instant business to business leads in any niche

I will integrate motion graphics with live action footage in cinema 4d and after effect

I will record a critique or 3rd party feedback or interview

I will post a promotional shoutout on Pakistani blog

I will do Urdu narration of any product description

I will create an Urdu jingle and play with Pakistani beats

I will invite all the people who reacted on your Facebook posts

I will create an immersive 3 sec gif with 3d objects and effects

I will trademark memorable brand and business identity

I will do after effects based video editing

I will create a highly descriptive animated gif animation

I will write a cited journal for your technical thesis

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