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How to get Pakistani Citizenship for your newborn

Pakistan, despite being a developing or underdeveloped country, rarely offers its nationality to the visiting baby of foreigners. The first stipulation is that birth has to occur in Pakistan. Both parents have to be registered with NADRA.

If you have a newborn or a child who needs to be conferred with Pakistani nationality. The process is quite simple. But there are few pre-steps and prerequisites.

STEP 0: Nikkah Certificate

Nikkah’s certificate can be digitally by visiting NADRA. This is done after you sign your nikkahnama declarations and get them vetted/registered by a nikkah registrar.

STEP 1: Change of credentials

Change your marital status in NADRA database. If you need your spouse’s name to be changed and also change your address. Do this step in advance so you are ready for STEP 4. They will send your wife’s NIC which needs to be presented later on.

STEP 2: Get the hospital discharge slip (*exception)

This will be required for union council-level birth certificate registration. Chose the baby’s name wisely for his or her future ease of access. Never forge the birth date of your child as this record is mandated for STEP 4. Do not cheat the system. The system stings you back.

STEP 3: Get the birth certificate

The birth certificate is desired for school admissions and pre-requisite for acquiring citizen status with NADRA. The hospital discharge slip and copies of parent NICs are required to get the birth certificate.

Now there are two things. If you belong to the cantonment they need to check if the hospital falls in the same union council or if the hospital does not come under the jurisdiction area of the union council; whereas, elsewhere they need to check the address of the house where the children will live. *For example, our baby’s hospital was on Jail road and we wanted to get him registered by address in DHA Phase V/Walton Cantonment for all practical reasons such as voting ease, etc. then there is a way around as they will ask a come around, by declaring on a 100 rupee affidavit that the natural birth occurred at home under the presence of a doula or a housewife. This is also true if the baby is not born in a hospital actually.

STEP 3: What are the options

Juvenile Card or Bay-form. Well, quite honestly bay-form is an old project. Today, guardians of citizens under the age of 18 can apply with the NADRA office for their ward’s Juvenile Card which is equivalent to a National Identity card for juniors. The juvenile card is desired for all traveling purposes.

STEP 4: Apply for the Passport

You can use the token at STEP three to apply for the passport with the Passport office. In Lahore, the executive office is in XX, Phase 3, DHA Lahore. Some other popular branches are Garden Town near the PEC office next to SKANS/behind Barkat Market and Raiwind as well.

Fun fact: Nadra Pakistan is the official software enabler of Kenyan Passport control. That is why it is called “Kaalon ka Pakistan”. Check out the story about Arshad Sharif and what he was doing there.

How to deal with NADRA

The executive fees for each time you perform an activity with NADRA is Rs. 2500. The rates for NICOPs are way more. The printed media comes within 3 working days despite the seven-day prescribed window.

The processes at NADRA need to be vetted and verified before signing and handing over to the officer so that your amendments and changes are rightly adopted.

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Pro Tip: Do not cheat the system or flung by skipping the queue. Waiting for your turn always helps in getting ready your submission documents. This patience gives you time to inquire about much information you are lacking.

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