Innovation Manager

Zorays Khalid

/ Renewable Energy Guru | Graphic Scientist | LinkedIn Goodwill Ambassador | Innovation Manager


Attended GRAND RENEWABLE ENERGY 2014 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, Tokyo, Japan and understood way forward from existing RE challenges. I have also learnt basic digital electronics and electrical equipment by visiting testing labs: National Physical Laboratory (NPL) – Teddington, U.K. (2005), and National Physical Laboratory (NPLI) – New Delhi, India (2006). These add to my adaptability and open-mindedness towards cultural diversity.


Interests: Solid State Electronics – Differential Equations – Critical Thinking – Technical Writing – Analysis and Design of algorithms – Organizational Analysis – Social Network Analysis



2009 - 2013

B. Sc Electronic Engineering

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology

DSP Kit implementation of Kalman Filter based sensor fusion algorithm for attitude sensors during the curriculum. I have built user-centered OBD II interface with firmware development for STN1110 micro controller and done fault analysis for transformers.

Jan 2017 - Present

Product Manager

Zorays Solar Pakistan

As Product Manager at Zorays Solar Pakistan, I mainly work on MicroHydro (Electronic Load Controllers for MHP Power Plants), Wind, Solar Thermal (CPC), Solar PhotoVoltaic and Baggase Power Projects.



Extremely glad that Zorays Khalid has played a part in PEC getting the Washington Accord Membership as he represented Hiring Bench for Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute. Here's to a better future for Pakistani engineering! this will ease the way to higher education and work opportunities abroad..
He is the Goto Guy in Hardware Troubleshooting


/What I do

Product Innovation Manager | Big Data & Cohort Analyst | IT Security | Thought Leader | iPray | iThank

I love my family

To me, family comes before anything.

I post Blog sometimes

I do editorial for a Social Media Advertising Blog which has become Pakistan’s most rapid organically growing Social Media Website. is the most relevant Social Media Guide for Business and Technology. I am available as Zorays Khalid Influencer Marketer.

I support Green

I behave as a Smart Creative at Zorays Solar Pakistan which seeks to harness its exclusive, cutting-edge technology and innovative creativity to deliver global solutions that cater to consumers’ daily needs.


4years of experience
220projects completed
2088hours of work
1500000tea cups

Self-praise is no recommendation. Youngest importer and millionaire in whole family. Own a Mercedes of hard earned humility. I am a person ready to dig the Earth and climb the sky for meeting substantial goals. Goals, I aspire, to experience enterprise growth and cherish freedom through responsibility. Responsible enough that, I am curious, to contribute outside my domain: improving stated premises. So, I am up for reinforced collaboration and proactive valued experimentation. Inevitably, I fix the problems; not the blames. I judge root causes and get beyond treating symptoms. I like meeting deadlines and project timelines with time in hand. I take smart risks and celebrate wins. I believe in impact not process; context not control. I pay respect to earn respect. Humility that is my arsenal; I am non-political: treating people with respect independent of their disagreement.

- Zorays Khalid -