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mirwaiz Umar Farooq mirwaiz Umar Farooq

World Politics

A poignant account, we are presented with a vivid tableau of a region entrenched in strife, where resilience thrives amid adversity.

World Politics

In the summer of 1919, amidst the third Anglo-Afghan war, a fresh conflict emerged in the highest reaches of the Hindu Kush mountains, where...

World Politics

Colonel Manpreet of the Rashtriya Rifle, along with two fellow officers, has lost his life in an assault by Kashmiri freedom fighters in IIOJK....

World Politics

In a significant turn of events, both India and Canada have expelled each other’s diplomats, marking a clear sign of deteriorating relations between the...


Opposite Shalimar Gardens lies Baghban Pura, the area where all the gardeners and butlers responsible for maintaining the gardens used to reside. Now, let’s...

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