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Terrorism Pakistan

Armed Forces

Defining Terrorism in the Context of Pakistan

End to VIP culture: The pervasive VIP culture, characterized by road closures and excessive security deployments, impedes public mobility and perpetuates inequality. The working class, comprising half of Pakistan’s population, deserves equitable access to quality education. Denying children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds their fundamental rights is a disservice to Pakistan’s future. It falls upon the government to fulfill its obligations and provide for the nation’s posterity. However, the government’s actions seem confined to accumulating hefty loans and levying taxes, with little tangible progress evident.

Three D’s Strategy

The government led by Zardari’s PPP introduced a policy known as the three Ds to address terrorism: Dialogue, Development, and Deterrence.

  • Dialogue: The first step involves initiating discussions with militant groups willing to engage in negotiation. If conflicts can be resolved through dialogue, the use of force may be unnecessary.
  • Development: Addressing the root causes of terrorism, such as poverty and lack of opportunities, is crucial. The government must focus on providing employment, healthcare, and education, as well as promoting industrial growth. This approach can help de-radicalize communities and serve as a preventive measure against radicalization.
  • Deterrence: While dialogue is preferred, the government reserves the right to use force against those who refuse to renounce violence and challenge the authority of the state. This ensures the enforcement of law and order.

Although this policy appears promising on paper and has been adopted by the current government under Nawaz Sharif, its success hinges on its effective implementation.

Devolution of Power

The primary issue we face today is the government’s neglect of public affairs. They show little interest in addressing the needs of the people and instead abuse their power for personal gain. To address this, power should be decentralized, empowering communities at the grassroots level. Concentrating power in the hands of a few breeds resentment among the populace. Developed nations have successfully decentralized power, allowing individuals to participate in decision-making processes and fostering a sense of empowerment among citizens.

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