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where did abhinandan plane crash


Indian People still Think Abhi None Done Downed F-16 with Mig-21 Bison

No doubt, PAF Intelligence test is the most vigorous when it comes to criterion of aptitude. This was attributed to sound professionalism and training of Pakistan Air Force crew. Thier great serviceability and upkeep of war reserves. Thus, India’s numerical superiority was effectively neutralised and proved of little avail in the conflict. We are DAMN well smarter in offence and counter defence!

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The ‘Junoon’ of these pilots is not to be taken lightly. I disagree that we’ve lost our edge…

Technically speaking, there could be a debate. But in terms of ”passion”, there is none. Pakistan Air Force ‘Shaheens’ are in a league of their own. I can assure you, it’s not as dire situation as you might feel. If Pakistan could send its troops voluntarily to peace keeping missions abroad. Sure it could respond to the call of duty at home. Kashmir is home.

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