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Zorays Khalid


[List] Tafseer E Quran – Authentic Interpretations of Quran

4 minutes

It’s been hurting me a lot how people including myself who have not even read the Quran completely with translation or Tafseer begin commenting on religious issues. We have left Islam in the hands of people who have no knowledge of the religion, who intentionally or unintentionally interpret it the way they want it, who have easy access to the illiterate masses that can’t even read their own name.

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What basically is the Quran? It is everything that resembles a constitution having rules and regulations for leading a peaceful, meaningful life. It contains those secrets about the universe which when understood in a real manner will take the man to the heights of success.

اگر تقلید بودی شیوۂ خوب
پیمبر ھم رہ اجداد رفتی

Had imitation been morally good ,
The Prophet (PBUH) would have followed the practice of his ancestors again — Iqbal

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