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Zorays Khalid


[List] Tafseer E Quran – Authentic Interpretations of Quran

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Which one is the best Tafseer of Quran in English?

I’m amongst those Muslims whose affiliation with Islam has been by chance than by choice. I’ve spent decades (upon decades) parroting the exact same short verses; least conscious of the prospect of communicating the Holy Book offered liberally. And in my ignorance discovering this enough to maintain with responded to the call: “Read in the name of your Lord”. Today various modes are available to learn quran in English and Arabic. Quran Explorer, Al Quran online and Quran 360 are one of these.

From where to get authentic Tafseer e Quran?

Respected brothers and sisters I have arranged some authentic Islamic Collections in pdf format (online Quran) for all of you to read and access to Islamic Collections easily. I’ll upload more books whenever I got time. Feel free to suggest any good book I’ll add it. All the books are in English language if you want in any other language please do let me know.

If you love hardbacks then please revert to these:

  • The Message of Quran by Muhammad Asad  Abdel Haleem's translation
  • Commentary by A. Yusuf Ali
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